Refereed Journal Articles

Introduction to the Special Issue: Planning for Climate Transformations

Shi, L., & Fitzgerald, J., eds. (2023). Journal of Planning Literature, Online First.

DOI: 10.1177/08854122231180216

Taught in America I: How Well Does an American Planning Education Serve Mainland Chinese Students

Shi, L., & Chiu-Shee, C. (2023). Journal of Planning Education and Research, Online First.

DOI: 10.1177/0739456X221148197

Integrating the Social and Ecological in Floodplain Relocation and Restoration Programs

Shi, L., Slyman, S.*, Hulet, C., Morgenstern Brenner, R., Shepard, C., & Vanucchi, J.(2023). Socio-Ecological Practice Research, Online First.

DOI: 10.1007/s42532-023-00152-y 

Equitable Buyouts? Learning from State, County, and Local Floodplain Management Programs

Shi, L., Fisher, A., Morgenstern Brenner, R., Greiner-Safi, A., Shepard, C., & Vanucchi, J.(2022). Climatic Change, 174, 29. 

DOI: 10.1007/s10584-022-03453-5 

Why Do Planners Overlook Manufactured Housing and Resident-Owned Communities as Sources of Affordable Housing and Climate Transformation?

Lamb, Z., Shi, L., & Spicer, J. (2022). Journal of the American Planning Association, 89(1):72–79.

DOI: 10.1080/01944363.2022.2038238

Resident-Owned Resilience: Can Cooperative Land Ownership Enable Transformative Climate Adaptation for Manufactured Housing Communities? 

Lamb, Z., Shi, L., Silva, S., & Spicer, J. (2022). In Housing Policy Debate, Online First. 


Shared Injustice, Splintered Solidarity: Water Governance across Urban-Rural Divides

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Transformative Climate Adaptation in the United States: Trends and Prospects

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Beyond Green Infrastructure for Flood Risk Reduction: How Can Green Infrastructure Advance both Social Justice and Regional Impact?

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Surging Seas, Rising Fiscal Stress: Exploring Municipal Fiscal Vulnerability to Climate Change

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From Progressive Cities to Resilient Cities: Lessons from History for New Debates in Equitable Adaptation to Climate Change

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Promise and Paradox of Metropolitan Regional Climate Adaptation

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Promises and Perils of Collective Land Tenure in Promoting Urban Resilience: Learning from China’s Urban Villages

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Towards Critical Studies of Climate Adaptation Planning: Uncovering the Equity Impacts of Urban Land Use Planning

Anguelovski, I., Shi, L., Chu, E., Gallagher, D., Goh, K., Lamb, Z., Reeve, K., and Teicher, H. (2016). In Journal of Planning Education and Research, 36(3): 333–348.


Towards Justice in Urban Climate Adaptation: A Roadmap for Research and Practice

Shi, L., Anguelovski, I., Aylett, A., Chu, E., Debats, J., Dodman, D., Goh, K., Roberts, D., Roberts, J.T., Schenk, T., Seto, K., and S. VanDeveer. (2016). In Nature Climate Change, 6: 131–137.


Explaining Progress in Climate Adaptation Planning across 156 U.S. Municipalities

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Book Chapters

Reclaiming Land Governance under Climate Change

Shi, L.and Bouma, D. (forthcoming). In Rice, J., Long, J., and Levenda, A. (eds.), The Just City in the Era of Climate Change: Theory, Praxis, Resistance. University of Georgia Press.

Urban Climate Adaptation: Discontents and Alternative Politics

Chu, E., and Shi, L. (2022). In Weinthal, E., Sowers, J., and VanDeveer, S. (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Comparative Environmental Politics. Oxford University Press.

The New Climate Urbanism: Old Capitalism with Climate Characteristics

Shi, L. (2020). In Castan Broto, V., Robin, E., and While, A. (eds.), Climate Urbanism: Towards a Critical Research Agenda. Palgrave.


The Effects of City Size and Governance Capacity on Urban Climate Adaptation Planning and Implementation: Results from a Global Survey

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Adaptation to Climate Change

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Staying Afloat in 2100: Evaluating Fiscal and Land Use Options for Coastal Adaptation in Massachusetts

Crimm, N., Wachs, A., Rotbert, J., Sidhra, S., Yupho, S., Thomas, R., Bucio, E., Gao, Q., Garg, A., Long, K., Ross-Martin, M., Soley, J., and Shi, L. (2019). Workshop report of the course CRP 3072/5072 Governing Climate Change in Coastal Massachusetts. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Department of City and Regional Planning.


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